An Easy Way of Diagnosis of Anal Fistula in Infants

Anal Fistula in Infant-micr-008
Sabriye Dayi and Suat Turkcan


Perianal diseases are not uncommon in infants. Although perianal abscesses are often encountered in pediatric surgery clinics, perianal fistulas are rare in infants. They may present in infant as recurrent perianal abscesses.

An anal fistula can easily be seen by using hydrogen peroxide in a case. A baby (3-month-old male) was brought with recurrent perianal abscesses and inflammation. The anal fistula was found out during irrigating the abscess cavity with hydrogen peroxide with 24 gauge IV catheter. Abscess cavity was very little and anal fistula may have not been thought in this case but bubbles were alarmed us then anal fistulotomy were performed. Postoperative follow-up was uneventful. There was no recurrence abscess or fistula during 18-month follow-up.

Published on: May 14, 2018
doi: 10.17756/micr.2018-008
Citation: Dayi S, Turkcan S. 2018. An Easy Way of Diagnosis of Anal Fistula in Infants. J Med Imaging Case Rep 2(1): 8-9.