A Rare Case of Isolated Splenic Vessel Gas Post Infarction

Abeeku Afedzi Hammond, Zia Akram, Ben Layton and Rudralingam Velauthan


Despite the improving trends in managing cases of acute abdomen, gases found in the splenic vein, portal vein or hepatic portal vein usually after imaging depicts grave outcome for patients with mesenteric ischemia or ischaemic bowel disease. This paper reports a rare case of isolated splenic vein gas in a 51-yearold man with a history of alcohol abuse and pancreatitis, presenting with acute abdomen. Computerised tomography scan showed nonsurvivable pan gastrointestinal ischemia and isolated gas in the splenic vein which is very rare in its entirety.

Published on: May 30, 2018
doi: 10.17756/micr.2018-010
Citation: Hammond AA, Layton B, Akram Z, Velauthan R. 2018. A Rare Case of Isolated Splenic Vessel Gas Post Infarction. J Med Imaging Case Rep 2(1): 12-15.