Foreign Body Impaction in the Esophagus

Swetha Tummala and Sanjeev Tummala


A 69-year-old female with no significant past history presented to the emergency room with throat pain and difficulty swallowing. On the day of her visit, she took her daily pills without putting on her glasses. Immediately, she felt something get stuck in her throat. In the emergency room, an X-ray of the neck showed an ovoid soft tissue structure near the cervicothoracic junction. Subsequent endoscopy revealed a pill in its blister pack lodged in the upper esophagus. The pill was extracted using biopsy forceps. This case describes foreign body impaction in an otherwise healthy individual and highlights the significance of early recognition and immediate endoscopic intervention to prevent complications.

Published on: February 9, 2021
doi: 10.17756/micr.2021-064
Citation: Tummala S, Tummala S. 2021. Foreign Body Impaction in the Esophagus. J Med Imaging Case Rep 5(1): 12-14.