Claudio Ando Nicolini (born 4th April 1942, Udine) is presently Director of the Nanoworld Institute at the University of Genova, Life President of Fondazione ELBA Nicolini and Life Editor-in-Chief of NanoWorld Journal, Santa Clara, California, USA.

Dr. Claudio Nicolini received his doctoral degree in Nuclear Physics in 1966 at the University of Padua. In 1967 he became the Assistant Professor at Lecce University. In 1968 he became the adjunct professor at the University of Bari, where he was Researcher-Collaborator at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics till 1971. Then from the beginning of 1972 he moved to Medicine and with intense training and research he became the tenure-track Associate Professor of Pathology in 1974.

Dr. Nicolini Progressive career began from 1976 when he won the competition for Professorship and Chair of Biophysics at Temple University Health Sciences Center. In Italy he continued as the Chair of Biophysics at University of Genova by a special law explicitly referring only to eminent scientists with foreign nationality. His Strong contact with Multinational industries (CIREF, Technobiochip and Polo Nazioanle Bioelettronica all having as consortium members FIAT, ABB, Montedison, ENI, STM, etc ) in Europe created a new organisms carrying out industrial research and having Nicolini at the top. This led to the new contact with USSR in a new Biochip project in 1990 and continued till now in the new Russian Federation. In 1993 Fondazione ELBA Nicolini was established through the participation of Governments of Italy, Soviet Union and European Union and several Research Institutions of USSR and United States as Dr. Nicolini maintained constant links with USA, Europe and Russia and partly with Japan and Multinational Companies. In 2001 Fondazione originated itself with Nanoworld Institute along with the participation of several multinational industries and research institutions. He was elected as foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences in 2008 and Honoris Causa Professor of Nanobiotechnology and Biophysics in Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2010. With the help of three governments and his personal involvement as advisor for science and technology with the Prime Minister immense support has been provided for science and technology in the key area of biotechnology and nanotechnology.